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Information Technology now lies at the heart of almost every business and in every organisation across the globe. Our IT courses use the latest thinking and technologies to deliver training that is at the forefront of the IT industry. Our trainers have extensive industry experience and cover a wide range of areas including but not limited to software development, business analysis and ERP planning, ICT consulting, data modelling, systems integration and network management. 

Who should attend? 

Programmers, Database administrators, Network Operators, Systems Managers, Information Security Officers and IT Officers

Venue and Date

13 -24 Sept, Kampala-UG
04-22 Oct, Mombasa- KE
01-12 Nov, Addis - Ethiopia

Fee and Duration

1875 (1 Week)
2975 ( 2Weeks)
3250 (3 Weeks)

Note: ACADRI reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.