Passionately developing careers for 9 years.
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Growing Business and skilling entrepreneurs

We are helping hardworking and ambitious entrepreneurs to transform their business, for them to grow and thrive in an ever changing high competitive business environment. Africa’s young entrepreneurs whether in the informal or formal business sector need skills and business friendly tools. We work with business owners step by step to understand your business and through our action based learning set and execute action together.

An entrepreneur’s mind is always full of business ideas, innovations and solutions that can change the world. ICT is providing opportunities for many young people to imagine business ideas and solutions. But getting your idea from imagination to reality is not as easy task it requires, research focus and business expertise. We work with you to help get the idea work, start that business, and see it grow.

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Starting a business

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Growing your Business

SMES in Africa vary widely in size and capacity for growth. SMEs and micro enterprises are characterized by, different industry and products differing organizational structures, and varied management styles. We understand the nature, characteristics, and problems of businesses, and we have developed , solutions and tools to help turn around you business , expand the customer base and break into new markets or products.

Poor financial management is one of the leading reasons that businesses fail. When you start a business there many questions in finance that you can not answer your self. Whether you should take a loan to grow your business or not. The tax regimes in different countries is so complex and confusing, which taxes does a business pay and which one it does not. There is a lot of misinformation on taxation and because of the ignorance , some decisoons taken eaelier in the bsuness can prove to be disastrous leading to close of a business.

Business failures relating to poor financial management can be avoided. We will help your business keep the right financial records by setting a simple financial management system tailored to your business. We will work with you to help you business get the tax compliance required.

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Financial Records, Taxation and Financial Advisory