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Managing Change and Organizational Development


This course examines how the field of organizational development facilitates effective change management within a business context. It explores the essential skills of the OD practitioner, change management theories and processes, highlights the types of interventions and programs that should be considered and the importance of line and staff functions to ensure a successful change effort. 

Course benefits 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Appreciate the field of organizational development and how it contributes to effective management of change
  • Clearly understand the concept of organizational development as it relates to the need for change and renewal
  • Identify and suggest solutions to the major challenges facing organizations today
  • Understand the role of an OD consultant as a change leader and the core competencies of an OD professional
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of using an internal vs. external consultant.

The Participants 

Principal and Senior Human Resource Officers, Human Resource Directors, Heads of Department, Human Resource Managers and Training Managers

Venue and Date

15 - 26 Aug, Arusha - TZ
07- 18 Nov, Zanzibar - TZ
05 - 16 Dec, Dubai - U.A.E

Fee and Duration

2975 ( 2 Weeks)
2975 (2 Weeks)
2975 ( 2 Weeks)

Note: ACADRI reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.